Saint Boniface Cemetery
Summary Rules and Regulations 

A.  Lots shall be allocated only in the areas designated as available by the Church of Saint Boniface Cemetery Committee (CSBCC).   A maximum of two lots shall be allocated to a family, except in special cases where single children may be involved.

B.  Normally, there can be only one individual burial per lot.  Toddlers and children will be held to the standard of only one individual burial per lot.  Two cremated remains per burial lot will be allowed. 

C.  No one may be buried in Saint Boniface Cemetery without the permission of the Pastor.

D.  Payment in full must be made at the time of the signing of the purchase agreement.  Exception to this may be made at the sole discretion of the Pastor.

E.   No grave may be dug, no tombstone or foot marker placed, no mausoleum set, no mausoleum entombment made without prior consultation and approval of the Pastor or Cemetery Supervisor. 

F.  All burials, including urns, are to be made in approved outer burial containers so that the cemetery may be more easily maintained.

G.  Charges for opening and closing of gravesites and mausoleum spaces, installing foundations and erecting monuments and markers, are the sole responsibility of the Lot Holder.

H.  Each lot must be clearly marked with an appropriate permanent tombstone or foot marker that is set in concrete. While there are no specific regulations regarding size, shape and color of monuments, markers and corner posts must fit the lot, be Christian in nature or not contrary to Christian belief.  This will be the standard by which the Church of Saint Boniface Cemetery Committee shall judge what is appropriate and acceptable. 

I.  Sodding and seeding of lots is the sole responsibility of the Lot Holder.

J.  Shrubbery, curbing, fencing, trees, flowers (silk and plastic), rock gardens, etc., may not be placed around gravesites.

K.   Ornamental additives (such as vases, solar lights, birdhouses) must be permanently attached to a monument's base.

Plant holders will be permitted under the following circumstances only:
1. The Church of Saint Boniface Cemetery Committee must approve them in advance.

2.  The plant holder should be made with a 3/4” pipe and placed as close as possible to the side of the monument base. 

3. They can be removed at any time for any reason without notification.

Vases for monuments must be attached to the granite base. 

L.  Vases for community mausoleums must be purchased at the Parish Office and be installed by Coldspring.  Flowers for the community mausoleums are only allowed in the vases or in the space between the sidewalk and the base of the community mausoleum.  

M.  Additional flowers and ornamental additives will be allowed one week before Memorial Day and may be kept on the gravesite for two weeks after Memorial Day.  The Cemetery Supervisor will remove all additional flowers and ornamental additives from the gravesite after this time period. 

Church of Saint Boniface


Contact Christine in the Parish Office with any questions.
(320) 685-3280 ext 600
Thank you to Joe Eickhoff and team
for taking such great care of our cemetery!