Wynfrith, or Wynfryth Winfrid (Saint Boniface) was born sometime during 675 in Wessex England and martyred June 5th, 754 near Dokkum, Netherlands.

Pope Gregory II appointed Boniface to be the missionary bishop for Grermania. Saint Boniface is credited with establishing the first organized Christianity in parts of Germany and or now known as central Europe. Saint Boniface's goal was to convert the pagan people of Bavaria and Friesland to Christianity.

While preparing some new Christians for confirmation on a a missionary tour Boniface along with fifty-two others where killed.

Saint Boniface's Feast Day is celebrated on June 5th.

Relics of Saints Boniface and Benedict are embedded in the Altar at Saint Boniface Church.

The painting of Saint Boniface which is in our narthex was painted by Nic. J. Theis from Cold Spring, and originally hung in the 1884 church.

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