South Steeple Window

Our life in Christ Jesus can be represented in symbols and color. Color and its uses are truly a gift from God. From the very first day of creation (Genesis 1-2:3) God was adding color to his world and on the six day to his people. Our church celebrates many wonderful events each year with color. As standards we have green, violet, rose, red, white, silver, gold and black which we use to represent seasons in the church. So the use of color in this stain glass window is quite appropriate for our church space.  Pulling from the existing stain glass in the church which is free following forms – and our theology, directly from the Bible, we feel we have a stain glass piece that represents our life as Christians and the wonderful designer God we serve.

Private Chapel Stained Glass Windows: Windows above left and right altar windows and upper diamond windows. •Altar Windows Interpretation

Diamond Window Interpretation


Church of Saint Boniface